Core Process Psychotherapy
Quintus Farrell MA

I am now able to see clients in a blended format. In Edinburgh I will be available on 2 Fridays per month and online at other times. In Cambridge I am available on Wednesdays and other times to be arranged as well as online weekly 

I am a UKCP accredited Psychotherapist.

For most of my life I have studied and worked with people, exploring philosophy and issues of health and mental health: people who are trying to deal with long term problems arising out of early trauma, abuse, neglect, relationship problems as well as people dealing with loneliness and stress and anxiety, depression and much more. 


I work with both long and short term clients. My work is chiefly mindfulness-based but I have also drawn on my 25 years as an acupuncturist and use therapeutic skills that I have studied over the years.

When you come to see me we will work together to form a safe space in which to explore your feelings and thoughts about yourself, and your difficulties. We will work to form a positive therapeutic relationship from which you can feel more able to experience, face and heal what is distancing you from your sense of well-being. 


Core Process Psychotherapy, was established in 1982 and is one of the original mindfulness-based psychotherapy training programs. Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice underpin this work and are integrated with western personality theory, psychodynamics and psychotherapy skills.

In Core Process work both therapist and client are engaged in a joint healing process where an awareness of the body, its feelings and feeling tones, and the content and states of mind that arise, are used to explore the nature of selfhood and suffering. 

If you are interested in Seeing Quintus for Psychotherapy please contact him directly on

07767 874633